For 30 years, Jim Egan was a commercial photographer with a large studio in the Jewelry District of downtown Providence.

   Five years ago he sold his studio and wrote 12 books (his “personal Ph.D” project) on his discovery that the  28-foot-tall stone-and-mortar Touro Park, Newport was built by Elizabethan explorers in the year 1583.

   In addition to running the Newport Tower Museum on weekends, Jim shoots photos and video web content for corporations, ad agencies, and design studios throughout Rhode Island and southeastern Massachusetts.

   Shooting video with his new Nikon DSLR (Digital Single-Lens Reflex) camera with a RODE microphone, Jim is able to economically provide snappy widescreen 1920 x 1080 HD (High-Definition) videos for websites, social media sites, e-mail marketing programs, YouTube, and Vimeo.

   Jim is a member of the Creative Club of Providence, the New England Antiquities Research Association, and the Renaissance Society of America.

Jim Egan Photo and Video
152 Mill Street
Newport, RI 02840